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The Alberta prairies are perfect for solar powered resources!

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We are a multi-faceted solar company serving all of Alberta with our solar panel installation services. As many know, solar is on the rise in Alberta; over the past ten years the price of solar installation has rapidly decreased, making solar energy more accessible for everyone. Solar is a clean and green energy option that is good for both our environment and your wallet. This long term investment with profit opportunity is the future for a better Alberta and we want to encourage you to consider your options today! Have questions about solar panel installation services? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

There are a wide variety of incentives accompanied with the installation of solar panelling including federal, provincial and municipal grant options. Solar energy is long term, unlimited, resourceful and renewable.

As Albertans, many of us have experienced first-hand the inconsistencies of traditional energy over the past few years; with our oil and gas sector in financial turmoil and energy prices predicted to rise, we think it is time to consider your other options.

Below you will find a brief summary of the Alberta wide solar rebate program, in addition to the three subdivisions we service in the province.

Alberta Solar Rebate Program:

At the moment the government of Alberta, and Edmonton municipal government both have incredible rebate programs that can pay up to 35% of your project costs. Below is the table with the incentive and rebate programs offered in Alberta:

  • Residential: $0.90/Watt with a maximum payout of $10,000 or 35% of eligible system costs
  • Commercial & Institutional: $0.75/Watt with a maximum payout of $1,000,000 or 35% of costs
  • Municipal Solar Program: $0.90 per installed Watt up to 25% of the eligible expenses
  • On-Farm Solar Program: $0.75/Watt to maximum 35% eligible cost share for the first 100kW, $0.56/Watt to maximum 27% eligible cost share for the next 50kW
  • Edmonton Incentive Program: $0.15 per installed Watt up to $6,500
  • Alberta Indigenous Solar Program: Funds 80% of project costs up to $200,000
  • Federal Tax Code 43.2: Accelerated depreciation on renewable assets

* Note, these programs may be affected by the recent change in government!

Alberta Residential Properties

There are a number of benefits to installing solar panels into your residential home, a few of these include:

  • The opportunity to pay off your system in 12-18 years; the remaining 15+ years will supply your home with energy for absolutely free
  • The ability to monitor and save up to 75% of the cost on your energy bills with locked power expenses
  • Increased property value; studies are showing that every $1 spent on solar installation equates to a $1 increase in your home value. ie: a $25,000 solar panel = $25,000 increased property value.

Want to learn more? Visit our Alberta Residential Solar Installation page.

Alberta Commercial Properties:

More and more large multi-national companies across the globe are investing in solar power, every day. Commercial businesses have a large impact on our environment and the one-time investment into solar energy reduces the businesses carbon footprint while also providing a return of capital for the company after the system is paid off. Want to reduce your businesses extraordinarily high utility costs? We can almost guarantee that solar is right for you!

Alberta Agricultural Properties:

Agricultural solar panel systems are becoming widely popular in Alberta due to the incentives and benefits offered to farmers and agricultural manufacturers. As a renewable energy source the On-Farm program allow agricultural producers to decrease their operating costs, while reducing the greenhouse gas emission and carbon footprint. Are you a farmer or agricultural distributor? Check to see if you qualify for funding today.

Walter Melone
Walter Melone
17:43 17 Jun 19
We chose EVOLVsolar for their technical expertise, their customer focus, and their integrity. After talking with several solar companies throughout Saskatchewan, I know there are many companies out there which would do a great job. EVOLVsolar stuck out from the crowd as they paid us the most attention and really helped us to understand exactly what we were getting into with our solar system. Thanks guys!read more
Lord Percy Marshall IV
Lord Percy Marshall IV
14:06 07 Jun 19
In a time where Alberta's Solar Incentive was nearly depleted and Edmonton's was just getting going; I knew I had to take advantage of the alignment. So my main concern was to get as much out of the deal as I could, as I knew that the aforementioned advantage was temporary. But the reason why I chose Evolv when there was quite literally an overwhelming number of companies to choose from - is because Evolv was the only one who honored my word that I would be getting electric transportation in my near future and pass that onto the calculations for rebate. Today, I ride on sun power to work and I have them to thank. The experience was professional and prompt. Communication was great. I am very happy with the result. There was never a moment where I was lost or left behind; the company worked with me tirelessly to get the job moving every day. Thank youread more
Dan Lucyk
Dan Lucyk
16:12 05 Jun 19
This was an amazing team to work with and very knowledgeable!! They helped to answer all my questions and helped to make the install and process very easy. Strongly recommend this team!read more
Braden Bloom
Braden Bloom
15:56 05 Jun 19
We chose EVOLVsolar for their technical expertise, their customer focus, and their integrity. After talking with several solar companies throughout Saskatchewan, I know there are many companies out there which would do a great job. EVOLVsolar stuck out from the crowd as they paid us the most attention and really helped us to understand exactly what we were getting into with our solar system. Thanks guys!read more
Yao Kuang Li
Yao Kuang Li
00:57 03 Mar 19
We purchased a 4.4kW system on our home here in Winnipeg, Manitoba to offset our annual consumption. The company was easy to communicate with, and did a great job with the installation - very neat and tidy. The system is now up and running, and we are happy with the iPhone App that it comes with for monitoring. Although we are not very high energy consumers, we wanted a way to hedge against prices as rates never seem to go down. Thank you for a job well more
Erik Allan
Erik Allan
15:53 11 Jan 19
I cannot recommend this team enough! I was concerned that my solar project was going to be very complex due to some nuances with my application. The team dug right in, came up with a brilliant solution, got the job done on time, and took care of absolutely everything (including all of the paperwork.) Definitely a happy customer, and I've already referred them to a few more
Chike Mbanefo
Chike Mbanefo
18:56 10 Jan 19
My desperation about getting onboard the solar wave was swiftly met with Mike's team of very equally enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals. They even took care of helping me apply to get a few $$ off with the government program. I'm very happy with the service so far. They don't get tired of getting calls from me. So good on the after-sales experienceread more
20:05 09 Jan 19
EVOLVsolar is an absolute pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and professional, everything taken care of from start to finish! I don't often write reviews, but these guys deserve it. Give them a call if you are thinking solar!read more
C Pex
C Pex
12:46 11 Oct 18
These guys are great to work with. From the first call they were very friendly and took the time to explain the process and answer all my questions. They responded quickly to my follow up questions too. They gave the best quote out of all the companies I tried and they even found a way to add more solar panels into the quote when I said I wanted to generate more energy. I’m so happy with the install, it went as smooth as I hoped and these guys were professional the whole way through. Happy to recommend them to all my more
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The benefits of going solar with EVOLV…

Save Money on Electricity.

Save money every month as you not only pay for less power usage, but are able to sell your additional solar power production back to your energy provider.

Increased Property Value.

Installing solar can increase your property value by up to 5%, which is huge value for the average property in Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC!

Make the world a better place.

Switching to solar is the equivalent of preserving 5 acres of forest. Also when you choose Evolv, you’ll help a family in a third world county access power through our partner organization, MeshPower.