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Introducing the Alberta Solar Rebate Program for Businesses


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Most business owners are continually looking for ways to grow profits by cutting costs or increasing sales. And going solar has the potential to do both. With photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on your commercial property, you can:

  • Generate your own clean power from free sunshine. This is cheaper than buying grid electricity from your utility provider. It’s also more efficient since the energy powering your business is generated locally on-site.
  • Attract more business by signalling your environmental commitment to others. Customers, suppliers, and vendors increasingly care about green initiatives. And installing solar panels on your store demonstrates that you share these values as well.

These benefits are hard to beat. But it’s sometimes difficult to justify the upfront cost of going solar. This is true even when you know your PV system will pay for itself (in about 7 to 12 years on average). 

The good news is that solar is getting cheaper every day, which helps to bring the technology within easier financial reach of businesses large and small. 

But if you operate in Alberta, Canada, the news gets even better. Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) has recently introduced a new green incentive designed to make going solar more affordable than it already is. 


Maximizing Commercial Solar Through Alberta’s ERA Business Program

Under this new incentive, ERA provides up to $55 million in rebates for emissions-reducing and cost-saving projects like solar. The program’s stated goal is to help small to medium businesses in the region become more competitive by reducing their operating costs and growing their operations.

In addition to helping program applicants, the plan is expected to have spillover effects that benefit the entire community, including:

  • Lifetime greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions of 1+ million tonnes 
  • Nearly 1,500 new jobs – created both directly and indirectly
  • $300 million of new economic activity throughout the province

Program Details: Solar Rebate for Alberta Businesses

Each commercial solar applicant can apply for up to $250,000 in rebates per project – with a maximum cap of $500,000 per business. Funding covers a wide range of energy efficiency projects, including automation, HVAC, and lighting. And improving any of these areas can help dramatically reduce your own operating costs. 

There’s also the positive impact these upgrades can have on human health and the environment. But traditional energy efficiency improvements face inherent limitations. When the underlying power source is grid electricity generated from fossil fuels, you’re still polluting. Just not as much.

By contrast, going solar allows you to remove fossil fuels from the equation entirely. And this simple act amplifies any energy efficiency improvements you make in the future. Better still, solar PV technology is both scalable and adaptable – allowing you to finance any system of any size to suit your needs.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Commercial buildings with pitched or flat roofs – e.g. accommodations, retail stores, equipment shops, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.
  • Commercial parking lots or dealerships looking to install solar-powered carports that provide both on-site energy generation and protection from the elements.
  • Agricultural operations hoping to maximize their solar generation potential with large ground-mounted PV systems.  

Moreover, Alberta’s commercial solar rebate can be applied to PV retrofits, system expansions, and new installations.


Applying for the Alberta Solar Rebate Program – Only Through A Solar Company

At the time of this writing, the details are still being finalized on Emissions Reduction Alberta’s website. But what we know for now is that:

  • The solar rebate program will be on a first-come, first-served basis
  • The preapproval process begins in January 2021

Once we know the exact eligibility guidelines and application steps, we’ll post them to our blog and send out an email update. 

In the meantime, schedule a free consultation with us if you have any questions about the Alberta commercial solar rebate or other area incentives.

EVOLVsolar is Western Canada’s leading solar company. We have one mission: to make solar energy affordable while giving back to the environment. By investing in solar power, you can save money on energy bills, upgrade the value of your property and reduce your energy output. You can expect high-quality solar panel installation, world-class workmanship, excellent customer service and the best solar technology available. Our success has established us as the go-to solar installers in BC and Saskatchewan, and one of the leading solar companies in Alberta. Experience the EVOLVsolar difference by contacting our corporate office today at (587) 602-0534.

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