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Save thousands a year on reduced energy bills, maximize your energy output and contribute to lowering emissions with EVOLVsolar, the most recognized and trusted solar company in Edmonton. Our solar experts provide homes, commercial enterprises and farms throughout Edmonton with the chance to transform their energy usage and output with our solar panel products and services. 

We offer our customers the latest solar panel products, including several popular options, such as grid-tie, battery back-up, and off-grid panels, available in both on-ground and roofing system mounts. We’ll customize your design and installation, so it works for your specific needs, guaranteeing that you enhance your solar power possibilities. 

Living in Edmonton means you have access to, on average, 2299 hours and 321 days of sun a year. That’s a huge opportunity to maximize solar power for your property, significantly saving you thousands of dollars while minimizing your energy footprint on the environment. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, look further than Edmonton’s leading team in EVOLVsolar. 

Benefits to Go Solar
Why Install a Solar Panel
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Lower Carbon Emissions

Reduce your carbon footprint by either installing solar panels or a Tesla Powerwall. With our solar and Tesla certified installers, you’ll be helping the environment every day. 

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Hedge Against Future Price Surge

You will need a substantial investment to experience the solar panel benefits. With our panels, you can protect yourself from rising prices and lock in energy costs for the next 30+ years.

Enhance Property Value

You can significantly improve your property’s value when buyers and investors know that you offer the potential to lower their energy bills while utilizing renewable energy. 


Our Successful 3-Step Process

Maximize Your Solar Potential With our Edmonton Solar Panel Installation

We see many homeowners, businesses, and farms hesitate about the prospect of installing solar panels. The reason is that they lack insight into the process and are unsure how they will benefit. EVOLVsolar is here to put things right. What makes us the go-to name in the industry is our commitment to streamlining the solar panel installation in Edmonton. Within three simple steps, you can have a fully-functional and optimized solar panel system ready to be utilized in your property. 

The first step is to consult with our experts, who will discuss solar panels and the benefits of installing these advanced products while understanding your power needs. We’ll happily answer any questions you have before providing you with a no-obligation quote. From there, we’ll conduct a site visit to assess your requirements and the best way to install and maximize your solar power potential. Finally, we’ll create a customized design and layout for your property before installing it with precision and care. To ensure you get the most out of your panels, our team will continue to offer maintenance and monitoring after installation. 

Solar Portfolio

Our Projects

Our main focus at EVOLVsolar has and continues to be supporting farms and agricultural operations lower their reliance on grid power – see for yourself by viewing select projects in Western Canada.

EVOLVsolar Team

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Our Commitment

EVOLVsolar vs Other Edmonton Solar Companies 

At EVOLVsolar, we’re proud to be a member of CanSIA and Solar Alberta, further certifying our credentials as the leading name in solar power in Edmonton, Calgary and Alberta. It’s our dedication to upholding these establishments’ good reputation, coupled with our values of integrity, commitment, expertise, hard work and care, that are why residents, businesses and farmers come to us to maximize their solar power. 

Furthermore, our knowledgeable installers have over 75 years of combined experience building energy projects across this country, utilizing the latest equipment to safely and effectively install your solar panels. To ensure you know the technical side of your system and the best way to maximize it to get the best results for the long term, we’ll explain each part in greater depth. We can also direct you to potential incentives to help save you money. 

All these points to the clear sign that we stand head and shoulders above other solar companies, making us the best team to transform your energy usage. Experience the EVOLVsolar difference with our experts today. 



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