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Reduce energy consumption, save money, enhance energy longevity while helping the environment with EVOLVsolar, the leading and most trusted solar company in Calgary. We offer residents, commercial establishments and agricultural industries the opportunity to maximize their solar power potential with our products and services. 

We utilize the latest and most advanced solar panels - available in grid-tie, battery back-up, and off-grid solutions - customized to your property’s needs and factors, all installed and executed by our precise and professional solar panel installers. We also offer exclusive monitoring and maintenance to maximize your solar power potential - particularly in Calgary. 

With Calgary experiencing over 330 days of sunshine on average (according to studies and reports), you have ample opportunity to utilize this clean energy, reducing costly power bills and your energy footprint on the environment. Let EVOLVsolar guide you on your journey to clean, renewable energy with our premium products and services. 

Benefits to Go Solar
Why Install a Solar Panel
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Lower Carbon Emissions

Whether installing solar panels or powering your home with our Tesla certified installers, you’re making a difference by lowering your carbon footprint with our services and products.

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Hedge Against Future Price Surge

While solar panels require an investment to truly experience the benefits, you’ll lock in your energy costs for the next 30+ years, protecting you from ever-rising power prices.

Enhance Property Value

Buyers and investors look kindly at properties that offer solar power potential. They’re more than willing to pay more for a property with lower energy bills and higher quality products. 


Our Successful 3-Step Process

Power Your Property with Our Solar Company in Calgary

EVOLVsolar is a proud member of CanSIA and Solar Alberta, certifying our status as one of the leading providers of solar panels in Calgary, Edmonton and throughout the province. Our success stems not only from our qualifications, integrity and educational approach but also from our simplified and streamlined process of solar panel installation in Calgary. You can have a solar panel installed in your home, business, or farm in three simple steps, ready to maximize your solar power potential.

Firstly, we offer a professional consultation, where our experts will discuss and highlight how our solar panels can save you money and transform your energy usage. We’ll also answer any questions while providing you with a complimentary quote. Secondly, we’ll survey your property and identify your requirements so we can streamline your successful project from the start. Finally, we’ll customize the design of your solar panels so you get the energy solution that meets your needs, then support you with maintenance and monitoring. Before you know it, you’ll have the best solar panels installed on your property, ready to be used with ease.

Solar Portfolio

Our Projects

Our main focus at EVOLVsolar has and continues to be supporting farms and agricultural operations lower their reliance on grid power – see for yourself by viewing select projects in Western Canada.

EVOLVsolar Team

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Our Commitment

Why Choose EVOLVsolar Over Other Calgary Solar Companies

With an average of 2,396 hours of sunlight every year (as stated by the City of Calgary), you can see why homeowners, business owners and farmers want the chance to utilize renewable energy and embrace energy efficiency. EVOLVsolar is in the position ready to help you take this opportunity with both hands, thanks to our values.

You can expect integrity, commitment, expertise, hard work and care from our experienced team (who have over 75 years of combined experience building energy projects across Canada). We focus on always training our team with the latest specialized equipment and detailed work procedures to ensure your project is effectively, and most importantly, safely installed.

Most significantly, we’ll educate you on the benefits of solar panels, explain your system's technical details, and how you can enhance it to get the best results. We’ll also highlight potential incentives that can help you save more money in the long term.

It’s time to make a change. Experience the advantages of solar power by reaching to EVOLVsolar today.



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