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EVOLVsolar is proud to be a Tesla Powerwall certified installer, guaranteeing that we can safely and effectively install one of the best selling energy solutions in the industry. Our status as an accredited installer and verification from Tesla themselves means we have been chosen to deliver Tesla Powerwall solutions for homes, businesses and farms in CalgaryEdmonton and Alberta.

For you, it means that our installers have the training, knowledge, and experience to effectively and safely install a Powerwall solution customized to your energy needs. We make the installation process easy and straightforward for you, as we take care of everything: system design, installation and permitting. For the best choice in Tesla Powerwalls, EVOLVsolar is your team. 

Benefits to Go Solar
Why Install a Solar Panel
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Adaptable to All Solar Systems

The Tesla Powerwall can be connected to numerous solar power systems, including Grid-Tied, Off-Grid and/or a generator. This means it can work for all properties. 

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Advanced Software App

The advanced software within the Powerwall means it analyzes grid conditions, predicts your energy consumption and optimizes charging and discharging based on your rules and schedules. 

Greater Energy Independence

You’ll be able to power your house on your own, saving money while having more control over your energy usage. That’s the independence that other power options can’t offer. 

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What is a Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall is manufactured by Tesla Energy and is a rechargeable 13 kWh lithium-ion battery energy storage unit that stores electricity for solar power self-consumption. It is also an integrated inverter with advanced software that detects outages and automatically releases electricity when your property requires it the most. The unit can be mounted easily on the wall or the floor, seamlessly connecting to the grid to excess and store excess solar power. There are two battery packages available: the Powerpack, which can be used by residents and businesses, and the Megapack, which is intended for electrical grid use.

Solar Portfolio

Our Projects

Our main focus at EVOLVsolar has and continues to be supporting farms and agricultural operations lower their reliance on grid power – see for yourself by viewing select projects in Western Canada.

EVOLVsolar Team

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What We Offer as Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers

The Tesla Powerwall provides homes and businesses with ample opportunity to embrace greater energy independence, have a reliable emergency power generator and minimize their carbon footprint. 

However, Tesla only allows certified installers to sell, install and monitor the Powerwall. This innovative and advanced unit requires correct sizing, installing and configuring to ensure it is optimized effectively for use on your property. Installing these units is not easy; you require a trained professional. 

And those individuals need to adhere to the high standards established by Tesla. We’re elated to be one of Alberta’s leading Tesla certified installers, guaranteeing excellence with our service. Experience the benefits of Tesla Powerwall firsthand by reaching out to our team. 

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