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Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter?

Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter

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It is often thought that forgoing solar panel installation is necessary for colder climates because they cease to work as temperatures begin to drop. But this widely believed thought about solar panels is merely a fabricated misconception. Solar panels work best when they receive direct sunlight, yet decreasing temperatures in winter have nothing to do with that.  

Instead of believing the falsehoods about solar panels, find out all the information you need to know on how they perform during the winter months!

Solar panels in cold weather

Solar panels work well in the winter as chilly weather can often be beneficial in producing energy that is given off by the panels. The photovoltaic technology within solar panels can better convert sunlight into power when the temperatures drop. Because of this production of energy, solar panels work much more efficiently in the winter during colder weather than in hot conditions. As it gets colder, solar panels are also cheaper to purchase during these months as they are not sought after, and demand vastly decreases. 

Snow and solar panels 

One might assume that snow will ruin your solar panels, but snow that is near your panels can assist in energy performance because snow reflects light. While performance can drop when your solar panels are covered in snow, the loss is so minimal that the solar panels remain a good investment. When your panels are facing the sun, they still gather their heat and light and produce more than enough energy, even with the threat of snow covering them. 

Snow removal 

It is not recommended that you clean the snow from the panels as this can damage the panels, which will decrease their performance and efficiency. Instead of attempting to clean the snow off, wait for a sunny day. Even in freezing temperatures, the sun’s presence should be sufficient to melt the snow on top of the solar panels. If snow removal is pressing and a sunny day cannot come fast enough, carefully and delicately remove the snow with a soft cloth or snow removal brush. If getting to a secure spot to reach your panels proves dangerous, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for assistance. 

Shorter days 

Because of daylight savings time, the sun sets earlier in the winter than in the summer, where your solar panels will receive less light exposure. This will reduce the pique efficiency of your solar panels, but the panels will continue to work after the sun goes down at 4 PM. Although shorter days in the winter may seem like it will work against the productivity of solar panels, the panels themselves will receive more than enough sunlight exposure throughout the days and years to work perfectly fine.

Solar panels in the winter

Purchasing solar panel installation may seem impractical during the winter, but there is no better time to do it. Due to low costs from decreased demand in the winter and better efficiency in the cold, solar panels are the perfect addition to your house during the coldest months of the year!

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