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How a Solar Panel is Installed

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Solar installation and how it works

As more and more homeowners opt for solar panels to save on energy bills and make their households a little bit greener, enacting environmentally friendly practices in your home is a general benefit property owners require. Acquiring solar panels to install can be a swift process if you have professionals who have a vast knowledge of panels at your disposal. Still, the installation will be a more complex undertaking to consider. Choosing to hire a contractor to install the solar panel will cost you money, in addition to the high costs of the solar panels. While a solar technician will have the skills and proficiency to correctly install the panels onto the property, many property owners choose to save a portion of their money by installing it themselves. While installing any large fixture that will facilitate electricity to your home can be a daunting task, it can be accomplished with precision and time. 

Discover what the process of solar installation entails, how it works, and the comprehensive steps you need to follow for proper installation. 

Location and size 

Upon deciding to install solar panels, you will have to determine where the panels will be positioned and placed. You can choose between putting the panels on your roof, or, if your roof does not have the room to fit an entire panel, you can place it at ground level. Wherever you choose to place your solar panels, you should ensure that there are minimal trees and branches in the vicinity that will cover the panels, resulting in lesser production of electricity. Next, you need to select the size of the panel that will work well with your property and will be able to provide enough energy that meets the needs of your entire property. 


There are numerous steps to take when preparing to install a solar panel onto your property, including getting permits for your solar installation’s location and a separate electrical permit. You will also need to consider the needs of your solar panel location if it needs to be cleared and the components you might have to order and necessary to install your panel. Further, researching government incentives and grants for solar panels will allow you to mitigate the cost of the panels and installation.  

Racking and installation of panels

After completing all preparation before installing your solar panels, you will need to install the racking system on your roof or on the ground. If it is to go on your roof, you will want to fill in and repair any cracks and holes in your shingles. After the rack has been installed, the PV panels will be able to be installed in their designated location using clamps and wiring to keep them in place. 

Installation of various items

The installation of a variety of items will follow the rack and PV panels, including the heat sink that will reduce the heat generated by the PV panels and the charge controller that will direct the electricity to where it’s supposed to be. Following the charge controller, install the power inverter, which is the power received from the batteries and panels and will emerge as direct current electricity. Finally, you will need to install an energy meter that will accurately measure the energy produced and used by your household. 


Before you have completed the entire installation of your solar panels, you need to recheck all of the wirings. This step can be best achieved by a professional solar technician, who will make sure you did everything correctly and that there will not be any issues when using it. 

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How a Solar Panel is Installed

Solar installation and how it works As more and more homeowners opt for solar panels to save on energy bills and make their households a

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