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What to Expect From Our Solar Panel Installation Service

A typical home in BC with 16 solar panels can generate 4,400 kWh of electricity over a year – enough to power major home components for close to six months. If you want to experience the same level of energy-efficient and power, contact British Columbia’s leading solar company EVOLVsolar. 

We know what rural residents need to maximize their solar power potential. We know the right systems for their large homes, the incentive programs that they can benefit from and how they can enjoy the long-term advantages of solar power. Our knowledge of BC’s rural solar industry and its residents are due to our continued commitment to creating unique systems for each individual client. 

No two customers want the same solar power system or require the same energy output. Our team will design, create and install a solar power system that is specially designed for your needs. We offer on-grid, off-grid and battery back-up systems, available as roofing and ground-mount solar panel options, alongside an uncomplicated yet effective solar panel installation service. You can feel rejuvenated with a new source of energy by trusting the BC’s leading solar company. 


Benefits to Go Solar

Why Install a Solar Panel

Hedge Against Future Risk

Take control of your power bills by locking in your energy costs for the next 30+ years, effectively protecting you from rising power prices.

Enhance Property Value

The math is quite simple, investors are willing to pay more for businesses with lower bills and higher margins.

Lower Carbon Emissions
By lowering your carbon footprint with solar PV, your organization is making a measurable environmental impact that is clearly visible to all stakeholders.

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What Makes Us One of the Best Solar Panel Installers in BC?

While most rural residents realize that British Columbia isn’t the sunniest place in Canada, it still has more solar irradiation on a daily average than Germany – the world leader in solar. That high level of solar irradiation means you don’t need lots of blue skies and sunshine to profit from solar power. You just need a team that understands your region and the density of the area to create a solar power system that can transform your energy output. EVOLVsolar is that team.

As a proud member of NABCEP and Cansia, our certifications, and list of successful projects for inner-city and rural communities highlights our commitment to quality solutions for all BC residents. Our flexibility in design, our safety protocols, and our secure solar panel installation service means we can power large homes throughout BC, helping them produce renewable clean energy, all year-long. We have transformed houses in Creston, Nanaimo, North Okanagan, North Coast, the Rockies and in more rural areas so that homeowners can enjoy the benefits of solar power. Let our solar panel installers in BC put you on the path to a greener, cleaner future. 

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Solar For Homes

I went through Evolv Solar to get solar panels on my house. At first I was a little unsure of how exactly everything worked, but they walked me through it and helped me fill out and file documents. When they installed the panels they were quick, efficient and friendly. Altogether Evolv Solar made the whole process painless and easy, and I’m loving my solar panels!! Definitely recommend!

Veronica Hislop


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Benefit From Net Metering With Solar Installation in BC

As experts in solar energy, we understand the finer details of the provincial government’s incentive programs, particularly their “Net metering” system. This system credits residents and businesses who generate electricity for their own consumption and exports excess energy back to the utility grid. It’s a cost offset that can significantly save thousands of dollars a year. To be eligible for the program, you must be the owner of the electricity generator, connect to the utility grid, use solar energy and have an aggregate capacity of no more than 100 kW. While this might sound simple, there are a lot of little caveats that can deny your eligibility for this program. 

EVOLVsolar won’t let this happen. We can help you navigate these intricate details so that you can qualify for the program, as well as assist with financing the solar panel cost in BC. Don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of BC’s net metering program by letting us help you today.

June 1, 2019 Dave Charteris_Home


Got Questions?

Don't worry! We are here to answer them.

With no moving parts and high quality manufacturing standards, solar PV systems are in a class of their own when it comes to durability.  Solar modules sold by EVOLVsolar come with a 25-year performance warranty, and generally last much longer than that.  The inverters, which convert energy from the Direct Current (DC) produced by the modules to the Alternating Current used on you property, generally have to be replaced after 20 years.

The first step towards installing solar is doing some research and getting a custom quote that takes into account your actual property location and features.  At EVOLVsolar, we typically need the following information: 

1. Your annual usage in kWh or your monthly billing amount

2. The location that you’d like to install the solar PV array

3. If you’re interested in a roof mount, it also helps that we know the type of roofing (asphalt shingles, metal, etc), the year it was installed and the pitch (e.g. 4/12)

The more information we have, the more accurate our quote will be. 

And most importantly, make sure to get solid answers on all your questions - solar PV is a long-term decision that will generally pay you back 3-4 times what you invested over a 25+ year period, but does require an up front investment.  It’s important that you feel that you have been listened to and the company you work with will install a quality product designed to stand the test of time. 

Check out our How Solar Works page for more information.

Trick question – there are no batteries for standard grid-tied solar PV installations.  During the day, any excess electricity is sold back to the grid for credits.  At night and in the winter months, you can use those credits to purchase electricity back from the grid.  Batteries can of course be added to a system for those looking to have power backup in the case of emergencies. 

Making an investment in solar is a personal decision, so only you can answer that.  Some questions that you may want to ask yourself include: 

  1. Am I concerned about rising power prices?
  2. Would I prefer to continue paying my power bills for the next 30 years, or own my own power production?
  3. Do I want to invest in my property and raise its market value?
  4. Am I concerned about carbon taxes?  Do I want to lower my carbon footprint?  

If the answer to a few of those questions is yes, then solar might be right for you.  Of course, we here at EVOLVsolar will work hard to get you all the information you need to make the right decision.

Ready to Go solar?

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