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The Impact COVID-19 Is Having on Solar Power

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The Impact COVID-19 Is Having on Solar Power

2020 is still on track to become one of the solar industry’s strongest years despite COVID-19’s impact, temporarily halting industry and commerce around the globe.

The demand for energy independence, carbon offsets, and lower utility bills has never been higher. The same is true for energy security, with many having legitimate concerns about grid reliability – especially after being quarantined for months.

In other words, solar is an even more attractive investment now than it’s ever been. Just ask anyone who installed panels prior to the global lockdown. Their retirement portfolio and employment may be in jeopardy. But whatever money they invested in solar continues to generate predictable returns with every sunrise.

In effect, solar power has proven to be a robust investment in the face of a pandemic – prompting many to take a much closer look at the technology. However, this growing demand presents challenges for the industry.

How Solar Installers Are Navigating the COVID Crisis

Below are just some of the ways in which COVID-19 is making it harder for the solar sector:

  • The global lockdown has started disrupting supply chains. And this means it’s taking longer for installers to source the components they need. If you’ve personally ordered anything from Amazon recently, you’ve probably had to wait much longer than normal – especially when international shipping is involved.

  • Many permitting offices and municipal regulators are now following reduced hours. Fortunately, there has been a greater push to offer online applications and more streamlined systems. But this evolution often takes time.

  • Because solar installers are categorized as “construction and essential services,” we’re still able to conduct on-site inspections and evaluations. But we must think about our own safety – in addition to the health and well-being of those we meet in the field. At EVOLVsolar, this has involved updating some of our safety protocols to promote physical distancing and other health-related guidelines.

  • COVID-19 has also reduced (if not completely eliminated) the number of trade shows and events throughout the industry. These meetups were great for meeting the installers, asking questions and learning about the latest products available. Virtual conferencing is helping to close the gap. But if you also find yourself now communicating with friends, family, and colleagues via screen, you likely understand the frustrations built into this approach.

Against this backdrop, how can solar installers and prospective clients better connect?

Our Approach to Reliable Solar Power (Even in a Pandemic)

COVID-19 is a first for humanity, and we all have questions and concerns about what the future holds. But at EVOLVsolar, we’re using this time to:

  • Better educate end-users so they understand the benefits (and limitations) of clean and affordable solar power.

  • Petition local, provincial, and federal governments for stronger incentives to help make the technology even more affordable than it already is.

  • Build even more redundancies into our supply chains to ensure business continuity.

  • Use virtual conferencing to safely interface with customers – and practice physical distancing when conducting preliminary site evaluations.

Although we don’t know how long COVID-19 will impact the global economy, we’ve already taken the requisite steps to ensure our customers receive valuable information, on-time projects, and transparent pricing with no surprises. Solar power was a winning investment before the lockdown. And it’s an even safer place to invest now.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to pandemic-proof savings, contact us today for a free solar quote.

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