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Why solar power is a great choice in today’s market

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Stop renting your power and start owning it!

In western Canada the general household sources the majority of its power from traditional electrical outlets produced from fossil fuels. But unfortunately, in addition to the rising cost of traditional energy, we now know that carbon emissions are taking a large toll on our environment. Luckily, over the past couple of decades’ science has invested a lot of time, money and energy into generating other forms of cleaner greener energy as options for our homes and businesses. In western Canada, clean renewable energy can be sourced from solar, hydro and/or wind. It has been said that we have “the land of renewable opportunity” here in western Canada.

Renewable energy comes in a variety of forms, but most of these forms depend on sunlight. Both wind and precipitation are controlled by the heating and cooling of the earth. As we know, wind produces wind power electricity and precipitation produces hydroelectricity. Finally, we have our personal favourite, solar power. Solar power is controlled by the sun and with the remarkable amount of sunlight we get in western Canada we think it is a fabulous option for those shopping for a renewable energy source.

Renewable solar power comes with a lot of incentives

Now, in addition to its environmental benefits, renewable energy comes with a lot of other incentives. The first is monetary; solar power, in particular, is a great investment. Instead of renting your electricity over the next 30 years at an unpredictable cost why not go solar, pay off your system in 8-12 years and then own your power production. Additionally, you are able to track your usage and production. Our systems come with an app that you can download on your phone, allowing you to track your production in real time. It will show you the production panel-by-panel so you can see how your system is performing from day to day.

The next incentive is the Canadian government tax rebate. The Canadian Government allows accelerated depreciation on this asset, meaning you can amortize almost the entire balance in the first few years. This is described under section 43.2 of the Tax Code. It was just announced in November of 2018 that you could write off the entire balance in the first year.

The final solar power incentive that we love is solar installation can increase the value of your home. Most investments into your home (upgrading kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) generally don’t increase the value of your home by more than their cost and don’t provide any additional savings. Solar, on the other hand, increases the value of your home AND saves you money each month on your utility bills. Several studies show that the resale value of your home can increase by $1 for every $1 invested in solar.

At EVOLVsolar we know that the solar investment can be a little daunting BUT there are so many incentives associated with the investment. If you still have questions on whether or not solar power is right for you don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team of friendly employees would be more than happy to chat with you about what we offer and the options that would be best for your home or business.

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