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EVOLVsolar partners with MeshPower to help families access power

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Giving Back

According to the UN, over 1.2 Billion people do not have access to electricity, resorting to burning noxious kerosene or living without light.

As part of our pledge to give back to society, we’re proud to announce our partnership with MeshPower, who have been implementing clean, affordable solar electricity grids to communities without access since 2013.  For every system EVOLVsolar installs, a grant will be provided to MeshPower to install their patented solar powered nanogrids for family in a developing country who does not have access to electricity.

Benefits Of Providing Electricity Through MeshPower.

Not only do 20% of the world’s population have no electricity, a far larger share also have persistent power failures.  MeshPower aims to provide 10,000 families with reliable and affordable energy by the end of 2018 via their pay-as-you go service, which allows people from all levels of society to get electricity, not just the wealthiest.

Reducing Emissions

Reducing the world’s atmospheric pollution is essential to limiting global warming below 2% as agreed at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015.  MeshPower realises a saving of 6.0 tCO2eq per nanogrid per annum.


Burning fuel for energy creates adverse health risks, including indoor air pollution, accidental poisoning of children and visual health impairment.  MeshPower electricity replaces the need for families to burn toxic kerosene in their homes.


Renewable energy systems can provide more jobs than non-renewable energy systems, as well as stimulating economic and job creating activity.  MeshPower has created 20 full time jobs in Rwanda since 2014.


Lighting extends productive hours for everyone in a family, including children, who can undertake more study at home in the evening.  MeshPower customers use 4.7 hours of light after dark per household.

What This Means For EVOLVsolar Customers

When you choose us to design and install your solar panels, you’re helping another family in a developing country improve their health, education, and employment outcomes through our partner Meshpower.  That feels good, doesn’t it?

Learn more about their work at

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