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Mono vs Poly Solar Panels: What’s Better for You?

Mono vs Poly Solar Panels: What’s Better for You

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Solar panel installation: Mono vs poly 

When you’re looking for a solar panel for your home, the choices you have typically lie between a monocrystalline (mono) panel or a polycrystalline (poly) panel. While these large words might mean very little to you, there are intrinsic differences that you’ll want to consider before you make the purchase for solar panel installation on your home and property. While the general workings of a solar panel apply to both these panels, where they gain natural energy from the sun, they also parallel in numerous ways and could be a depending factor on which one you end up receiving. 

Find out the differences between the two panels and how they will impact your solar panel installation at your home. 

The main difference

The difference between mono and poly panels is the silicon solar cells within the panels themselves. While they both serve the same purpose, to utilize the energy captured by the sun and turn it into viable electricity that can be used in the home, their main difference is that mono panels use solar cells that consist of one crystal of silicon. Poly panels are made from numerous crystals of silicon that are seamlessly fused together. 


Both mono and poly solar panels have different types of warranties, one is physical, and the other is efficiency related. Typically, both warranties extend anywhere between 15 and 30 years. The physical warranty covers physical damage inflicted on the solar panel, and the efficiency warranty surrounds how well a solar panel works after 25 years. Although these warranties are similar for both panels, they will also differ depending on the type of panel you receive, the manufacturer, and what store the solar panel is purchased from. 


Mono solar panels are known for their sleek and dark colours, which many homeowners find more compelling as it often emulates the look of a shingled roof. This dark colour contrasts the blue hue of the poly panels that, while also visually appealing, homeowners are less inclined to buy into. The colour does not impact the actual performance of either of the solar panels mentioned. Still, because the warranty for both panels can be so extensive, up to 25 years or more, you’ll want to make the best decision that matches the appearance of your home. 

Alternative energy from the sun on a roof


Both mono and poly solar panels perform very well on their own. However, mono solar panels will perform better because they only use a single crystal cell, increasing their spectral response and energy production. Mono solar panels have a better efficiency response at 16% to 24%, while poly solar panels are at 16% and 20%. More so, mono solar panels’ energy retention starts earlier than poly solar panels, which gives them a longer period to produce energy than their poly counterpart. 

Environmentally friendliness 

Many people pursue solar panel installation because of how environmentally friendly they are for any property, which can be attributed to lowering a homeowner’s carbon footprint. In terms of which solar panel is more environmentally friendly, a poly solar panel is not as bad for the environment as a mono panel. This is because the manufacturer that produces mono solar panels often uses more materials to create them, but because they are also more efficient than poly solar panels and retain more energy per day, their environmentally friendly factors nearly match up. 

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