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Three Tips to Live by When Considering Solar Panel Installation

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It is not old news that solar energy is one of the most rapidly increasing resources for renewable energy across North America. Solar energy in 2019 is easily accessible, and some cities and provinces in Canada are even offering individuals or businesses incentives to invest in solar power. As a viewer who has happened upon our blog, we are going to generally assume that you are in the process of exploring the possibilities of solar power, have briefly assessed your options and weighed that solar energy might be right for you. If this is true, you have come to exactly the right place; we are looking forward to offering you some of our top industry tips for choosing solar.

Tip #1: Consider the temperature coefficient

The temperature coefficient of your solar panel considers the impact of temperature on the efficiency of your solar installation and is not something everyone looks at or talks about. When shopping for the right panel you will want to look for a panel with the lowest temperature emissions; high temperatures will accelerate the aging process of your solar panel, therefore decreasing the life expectancy of the panel. Keep an eye out for the lowest percentage per degree that is available on the market.

Tip #2: Your energy efficiency should relate to your property

Solar panelling energy efficiency reflects how much sunlight is received and converted into energy. When considering the efficiency of the panels you are exploring, it is integral to consider the options that best suit the needs of your property. Typically, the higher the value, the better; however, higher value efficiency often converts into more dollar signs. Ultimately, all that that you need for your solar panelling project is enough to cover your properties energy needs. If you find a product that will deliver what you require plus offer just a little extra- you’re golden.

Tip #3: Research the companies in your area

We stand behind our business at EVOLVsolar and therefore encourage you to explore the options on the solar market. Most installation companies will be offering very similar products but will have flashy deals to make them competitive in the Canadian market. Through your research we want to encourage you to look for business integrity- how your solar panels are installed is SO important to their efficiency. Just because they’re the most expensive does not mean they are the best company to work with and vice versa. Contact the companies you are interested in, talk to their experts and evaluate their online reviews. Finally, look for a company who stands behind their warranty. Most solar products come from manufacturers that stand behind their products. Reputable manufacturers will offer warranties on their products for 20-25 years. If your product and/or installation company do not offer this substantial warranty period, it might be time to look elsewhere. At EVOLVsolar we stand behind our business and customer satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to call us to learn about your solar options today!

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