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Solar PV Rebates Coming to the Town of Banff


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If you live or work in the Town of Banff, there is a new rebate program that can help make going solar even more affordable than it already is. 

Better still, this initiative can be combined with the Canada Green Homes Grant, which provides up to $5,600 in free money for renewable energy improvements – like adding photovoltaic (PV) panels or on-site solar batteries to residential properties.

What Is the Banff Solar PV Rebate?

The Town of Banff has recently introduced a solar rebate program that offers cashback to homeowners and business owners who install PV panels on their roofs. More specifically, the solar rebate provides $750 per kilowatt for eligible solar installations (up to 20 kilowatts):

  • If installing a 5 kW PV installation on your home, for example, your clean energy investment becomes $3,750 cheaper than it would be otherwise.
  • If installing a 20 kW commercial PV system, you qualify for up to $15,000 in cashback incentives.

Funding for the solar PV rebate program comes from Banff’s environmental reserve, subsidized using the franchise fees Fortis pays to run utility wires under the town’s municipal streets.

“Under the solar PV rebate program, participants must share their stories with the community – either by publishing an article in the local paper or by posting their experiences on Facebook, YouTube”

How Does the Banff Solar Rebate Program Work?

The program is open to both residential and commercial solar customers, with a maximum of one rebate per property. However, there are specific eligibility requirements you must meet to qualify:

  • The system must be at least 2 kW (which isn’t a problem for most residential or commercial solar installations).
  • All PV systems must be approved by either the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Underwriters Lab Canada (ULC).
  • Prior to installing solar PV panels, you must secure permits from the Town of Banff’s Building and Development offices. Fortunately, these permitting fees are waived for solar rebate participants.
  • Qualifying PV systems must be installed by licensed solar professionals – complete with relevant training and certification.

There is also an unusual requirement you don’t normally see with green incentives. 

Under the solar PV rebate program, participants must share their stories with the community – either by publishing an article in the local paper or by posting their experiences on Facebook, YouTube, or on the Town of Banff’s municipal website. We like this twist a lot since it helps to generate buzz and raise solar awareness. 

In fact, we wish more green incentives included in this social component. Imagine where we’d be if they did.

(Learn more about the Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative with our guide here)

How to Apply for the Banff Solar PV Rebate

The Town of Banff has outlined very easy steps for enrolling in its solar rebate program:

  • Receive a solar inspection from a certified installer. At EVOLVsolar, our on-site inspections are always free (request yours today).
  • Apply for development, building, and solar permits with the Town of Banff. As mentioned before, these permitting fees are waived. But we’ll personally walk you through the entire application process to ensure there are no approval delays.
  • Apply for a Microgeneration Agreement with Fortis. These contracts basically mean your “agreeing” to send unused power into the grid, which allows the utility to share your green electrons with the rest of the community.
  • Complete your solar PV installation. While it’s possible to install solar panels on your own, your system won’t qualify for the rebate program, the Canada Greener Homes Grant, net metering, or grid connectivity. This is why hiring certified solar professionals are always the best option.
  • Submit your solar rebate application and all relevant paperwork to this email address or by post to Kerry MacInnis, Administrative Assistant, Planning, Town of Banff, c/o PO Box 1260, Banff, AB T1L 1A1. 

Once your PV project is approved, the Town of Banff will send a solar rebate cheque. And you’re all set.


Let EVOLVsolar Help You Save Money (by Saving Money)

Solar power is already cost-competitive with traditional utility electricity – even without the help of green incentives. When incentives do exist, however, we always encourage our customers to apply for them. 

After all, why pay full price when the government is prepared to subsidize your clean energy investment heavily?

However, incentives are normally designed to expire once they achieve their objectives. So even though there is no official sunset clause on the Banff solar rebate program, it’s best not to delay. Let us help you go solar now – while funding still exists. We can walk you through the entire program and conduct a free on-site analysis in the same visit.

To get started, schedule a free solar inspection with our energy experts today.

EVOLVsolar is Western Canada’s leading solar company. We have one mission: to make solar energy affordable while giving back to the environment. By investing in solar power, you can save money on energy bills, upgrade the value of your property and reduce your energy output. You can expect high-quality solar panel installation, world-class workmanship, excellent customer service and the best solar technology available. Our success has established us as the go-to solar installers in BC and Saskatchewan, and one of the leading solar companies in Alberta. Experience the EVOLVsolar difference by contacting our corporate office today at 1 (844) 276-4004.

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